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energetic and meditation practices towards your specific goal

Who will guide you?

Hana Lukac is a yogini of 17 years. She is the founder of Mula Yoga Studio in Toronto. Her journey led her to some of the most incredible teachers of modern time such as Vidya Heisel, Annie Carpenter, Chuck Miller, and Rod Stryker. Hana has led hundreds of yogis through YTT programs and numerous international retreats in Bali, Spain, Mexico, Serbia, and Croatia. Hana's practice is rooted in Tantra Vinyasa. Her unique style classes include creative asana, pranayama, and meditation and are designed to create a long-lasting, positive impact on your life off the mat.

<p><span class="text-xl">- SARAH -</span></p>


“Hana’s wisdom and care has not only transformed how I approach my own practice, but how I present this practice that I hold so dearly to others. I truly cannot thank Hana enough."

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"Hana sets a positive and safe environment, I trust coming to you always."

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- ABBY -

"Love it! Dive Deeper Yoga has deepened my interest in breathing techniques and working with my nervous system."


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dive Deeper Yoga for?

Dive Deeper Yoga is designed for passionate yoga practitioners who are looking to refine and strengthen their physical practice, as well as learn how to integrate breath-work and meditation into their routine.

What is included in a membership?

Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of videos, access to a private facebook group and one live online class with Mula Yoga.

DDY has a number of lectures and tutorials (on different techniques, energy body and choosing the right practice) that will help you develop a strong, meaningful practice that will empower you immensely in your life off the mat.

How do I make the best use of my membership?

Dive Deeper has a wide variety of classes and tutorials starting from 5min-90min.

Every class was thoughtfully sequenced to yield a specific outcome. The more aligned your desired outcome is with the classes you chose to do, the more successful the results.

Traditionally in Tantra Yoga, you would be focusing on a single practice over the course of 40 days! Give it a go and experience the true reach of yoga.

How do I sign up for a live class at Mula Yoga?

Please visit mulayoga.ca and start an account with MindBody. With each monthly payment, we will be adding a class pass to your account. With that pass you can sign up for any "online" class on the schedule.

Please feel free to email info@mulayoga.ca if you have any questions.

How do I cancel?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the My Profile page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.