Creative vinyasa yoga classes skilfully combining physical, energetic and meditative practice.

Who Will Guide You:

Hana Lukac is a yogini of 15 years. She is the founder of Mula Yoga Studio in Toronto. Her journey led her to some of the most incredible teachers of modern time such as Vidya Heisel, Annie Carpenter, Chuck Miller and Rod Stryker. Hana has led hundreds of yogis through YTT programs and numerous international retreats in Bali, Spain, Mexico, Serbia and Croatia. Hana's classes include asana, pranayama and meditation and are designed to create a long lasting impact on your life off the mat.

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Fun, encouraging, deep yoga practices that will meet you wherever you are at on your journey! Plus one live class a month. Bi-weekly live Q&A. -FREE 7 DAY TRIAL-